Here you can find all my previous posts:
Why Am I Learning Rust? - July 31, 2017
A short note about skills and practice
Uses for UNION ALL and Views - October 7, 2016
A few things you can pull off with some SQL that are not hacks to get partitioning
Partitioning Without Partitions - October 5, 2016
I look at an old SQL hack for partitioning called "UNION ALL views".
Resurrecting Zombies, Part 2 - September 10, 2016
Going through a bunch of compiler errors to get the old code at least a bit closer to working.
Resurrecting Zombies - September 9, 2016
Digging up and dusting off some decade-old code to see if it works with a months-old compiler.
The Trail Run in which I Injure Myself - September 1, 2016
I finished, and didn't die, but limped most of the last half after pulling something
Distance Measures Redux -- Unifying and Tweaking - August 29, 2016
Revisiting discrete distance measures and tweaking them
Different Measures of Distance - August 25, 2016
A few different ways of calculating distance in noncontinuous 2d spaces